Angela (Angie)

Back To You

This song needs a few verses and would potentially be an ANGELA cut.

Be More B’more

This anthem still needs one verse and would feature ANGELA at 1:19, as well as Daddy Jones’ bars at 2:10. ANGELA would re-sing the main hook as well, now being “We got to be more, B’more! We can be more, B’more.” And everyone doing some adlibs at 3:10 through the outro.

If you’re curios, Daddy Jones’ verse sounds like this. Verses should be uplifting, positive about the city from your own perspective.

Morning Blue

This is likely a duet and not a feature. It could be a straight ANGELA cut if the spirit moves you to write it all…and amazing.

Love And Hate

This would be an ANGELA cut feat. URBANITE.