Daddy Jones

Daddy Jones, born Daniel Woodrum back in the 70s, grew up on Baltimore’s east side. As like many Bmore Black men, DJ spent too much time high on drugs or behind bars coming up. And once you get out, most often another uphill battle begins.

Over the last years however, Daddy Jones has significantly gotten his life together. If it were not for back child support payments, he would be flourishing on the Eastside’s corner of Hoffmann and Chestnut, as the master barber which he is accredited to be.  When you owe back child support because you were in jail, once you get released they revoke your license as punishment for not paying child support. Bureaucracy at its finest.

Despite this predicament, DJ has a good relationship with his daughters and he hopes to find success making music in order to help pay his debts, reinstate his barbers license, reopen his grandfather’s barbershop and provide a better life for himself and family. 

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The latest releast from DADDY JONES is the song, CHOW DOWN. After coming up with the premise of the artwork, DJ had many options to choose from.

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