The Mad Libs

B’more Music Company is proud to be partnering on the development of this exciting project.

– S. Sargent

What do you get when you put three musicians together that each have mental issues?
You get The Mad Libs!

Or was it a bar joke; What happened when the obsessive compulsive introduced the schizophrenic to the sociopath?
The Mad Libs happened!

To some, the name might suggest an angry band of Liberals and that’s okay too. Like anyone, guitarist front-man Kamary Phillips, bass player Paul and drummer Abeeku can get as angry as anyone else. The long and short of it is, The Mad Libs is a crazy ass band! Literally.

The band embraces their brainy shortcomings, turning them into gifts while promoting positive mental health as part of their mission. Being able to make fun of themselves is fun for everyone else, according to the uber prolific singer, Kamary. Their performance, consisting of songs written in the heat of the moment, often address real life social issues while others are wildly zany, silly, off-the-wall, meaninglless and just plain fun!

The unique nature of their live performance lends itself to complete unpredictability, having no two performances being like any other. Audience participaton is welcome and adds to the improvisational musical experience called, The Mad Libs live!

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